Gauze Packing

Gauze packing was made on the basis of the corrugated plate structured packing. It is made up of the corrugated gauze sheets. Its two adjacent corrugated sheets are in the opposite direction. In the reaction tower, upper and lower gauze packing layers alternately stacked together in different direction. The materials of gauze packing are stainless steel and plastic etc. It has advantage of high effectiveness, low pressure drop and large flux. It is always used in vacuum distillation, normal pressure distillation and absorption processes.

  • Materials: Metal



Stainless Steel

Gauze Packing


SS304, SS316 and etc.


1. Press wave

2. Cut and splice

Size ( Dia.+tray height)

Upon request

Type Explanation

For example, the type is 450Y or 700X.

The number (450 or 700) shows the specific surface area

X indicates the angle between two plates is 30 deg.

Y indicates the angle between two plates is 45 deg.

Packing Recommended

Plastic woven fabric wrapped + Pallets

Directly strapped on pallets

Board cases


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