Liquid Distributor, Collector & Redistributor

Liquid Distributor, Collector & Redistributor To decrease the enlarged effect of uneven distribution of the liquid and make full use of tower packing’s efficiency. Liquid distributor is necessarily installed in packed tower to evenly distribute the liquid on the top of the packing layer. The condition of the informal liquid can not only affect the mass transfer efficiency but also influence the operational flexibility of tower packing. When the spray liquid flows down to the packing layer, it does not maintain the original condition and tend to flow to the tower wall, which influence the contact between gases and liquid and reducing the mass transfer efficiency. Thus, packing layer must be blocked. Liquid collector and redistributor are fixed between the two packing layers to lead liquid flow evenly to the next layer. Liquid distributor is the key tower internals with various kinds of specifications. It was selected on the basis of the distribution of quality, operational flexibility, handling capacity, gas resistance,

  • Materials: Plastic,Metal




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