Wire Mesh Demister (Mist Eliminator)

Wire mesh demister (mist eliminator) is mainly made by wire mesh and wire mesh grille. Wire mesh is produced by various kinds of materials. It’s called Gas-liquid filter which is made by metallic wire or non-metallic wire. The non-metallic wire is combined by multi-strand fiber or single strand of wire. Wire mesh can not only filter out the larger liquid droplets suspended in the air stream but can also filter out smaller and tiny droplets. It is widely used in the Gas - liquid separation device of chemical, oil, manufacture of towers, and pressure vessel industry. Wire mesh demister used for gas separation tower entrained droplets, to ensure that the mass transfer efficiency, reduce the loss of valuable materials and improving the operation of the compressor. So the demister is mainly used for gas liquid separation, also for the air filter which is used for gas separation.

  • Materials: Plastic,Metal




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