Introduction to LANTEC Patent Products "Q-PAC, LANPAC-XL, NUPAC & HD Q-PAC"


LANTECQ-PAC, LANPAC-XL, NUPAC, and HD Q-PAC are four innovative plastic tower packing products developed by LANTEC. These packing products are specifically designed for use in various industrial applications to enhance the efficiency and performance of tower systems.

1. Q-PAC: Q-PAC is a high-performance plastic tower packing product. It offers excellent mass transfer efficiency and low-pressure drop characteristics. Q-PAC is designed with a unique geometric shape that maximizes the surface area available for gas-liquid contact, ensuring efficient mass transfer processes. It is suitable for applications requiring high capacity and low-pressure drop.

2. LANPAC-XL: LANPAC-XL is another advanced plastic tower packing product offered by LANTEC. It is designed for applications that demand high mass transfer efficiency and enhanced capacity. LANPAC-XL features a structured design that provides improved resistance to fouling and plugging while maintaining efficient gas-liquid contact. It is ideal for applications where fouling is a concern.

3. NUPAC: NUPAC is a specialized plastic tower packing product specifically developed for applications requiring high-performance separation processes. It incorporates a unique design that allows for excellent separation efficiency while minimizing pressure drop. NUPAC is widely used in distillation, absorption, and stripping processes where efficient separation of components is crucial.

4. HD Q-PAC: HD Q-PAC is a heavy-duty plastic tower packing product designed for demanding applications that involve high temperatures and corrosive environments. It is made from a durable plastic material that offers exceptional resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. HD Q-PAC is suitable for use in various industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, and chemical processing, where reliability and durability are essential.

Overall, these four LANTEC patent plastic tower packing products, Q-PAC, LANPAC-XL, NUPAC, and HD Q-PAC, provide advanced solutions to optimize mass transfer, separation efficiency, and durability in industrial tower systems.